I am currently working on a technical project for work where I need to keep a combination of code and technical documentation together, at the moment it is only me working on the project though other people may start to contribute later. Normally on projects like this I dump all of my work in either a Google Docs document or use files in Basecamp however as this was mostly technical documentation along side snippets of code I decided I wanted to use Markdown.

I have been using Markdown for quite a while to draft documents so I wanted to do this project using it, however both Basecamps & Google Docs support of Markdown is non-existent, so what to use?

When I first learnt Git I read Ravishankar Somasundaram’s Git: Version Control for Everyone a lot of the examples in the book had you editing documents . Hmmmmmm, I thought, maybe I should try and use GitHub?

I created a private repository and started commit, so far it is going great, I have my basic structure sorted out and it seems to render as expected (using README.md as index files).

Where large chunks of code are needed I am using external Git repositories and adding them as Submodules.

I am currently using the following tools to do the work in;

It will be interesting when more people start to work on the project and start to submit Pull Requests.

Written by Russ McKendrick

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

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