I have been playing my Digital Ocean server a lot recently. Breaking it, fixing it and then rebuilding it, while I had documented my puppet installation it was getting to be a pain to copy and paste with each rebuild, so I pulled together a few scripts from various sources to make the rebuilds a little less of a chore. To install fresh Puppet Master all I need to do now is run the following command;

curl -fsS https://raw2.github.com/russmckendrick/puppet-install/master/install | bash

and to install an agent run;

curl -fsS https://raw2.github.com/russmckendrick/puppet-install/master/agent | bash -s puppet.master.com

Finally I have put moved a non-personalised copy of my main Puppet configuration into a GitHub repo.

Written by Russ McKendrick

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

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